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New York Public School Tax Dollars At Work!

New York Public School Tax Dollars At Work!

By Michael John McCrae
Aug. 14, 2011

California has approved a completely homosexual history curriculum for its public schools. The state has also approved a homosexual school-based program to teach “gender-neutrality” to help little Johnny and little Jane work out those feelings that boys and girls might be actually different from each other. (We can’t have that now.) Massachusetts public schools are awash in all manner of semi-pornographic programs for public school students and now New York State is making sex education “mandatory” for school children as young as 11-years old who the state feels must be taught the proper adult method when applying a condom.

Now, a random “Google” of the phrase “teachers having sex with students” brought back over 7 million hits. I believe there is enough teacher-student sex going on in schools that we don’t have to make it “mandatory”. Of course many of these teachers having sex with their students aren’t using condoms, so I could be wrong.

What brings this to my attention today is a report by Todd Starns (Aug.10) entitled: “Sex Education in NYC Schools Becomes Mandatory” which began: “Students in New York City will be required to take sex education classes that include lessons on how to use a condom – a curriculum that the head of the school system said is long overdue.”

Yep, it is “long overdue” to teach 11-year olds how to put on condoms. From the report: “Children as young as 11 years old will take part in discussions on a variety of topics ranging from the risks of unprotected sex to the appropriate age for sexual activity... One of the lessons includes instruction on how to properly use a condom.” Will these 11-year olds be putting condoms on cucumbers or bananas? To be more realistic; will the students learn with a “dildo”; some type of anatomically correct mannequin or will they practice “proper use” on themselves? Who would be responsible to grade the students on whether or not they know how to “properly use a condom”? Would tutoring be available for those students who continually fail to correctly use a condom?

Now the report does contain quotes from dissenting voices, but the horse has already left the barn on this one. You should read the report because except for the dissenting voice there is no reference to the curriculum anywhere speaking to sexual abstinence: Quoting: ““We must be committed to ensuring that both middle school and high school students are exposed to this valuable information so they can learn to keep themselves safe before, and when, they decide to have sex,” NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott wrote in a letter to principals and obtained by Fox News Radio.”

So the “valuable information” must come from the schools. Parents can’t be trusted to teach their children about sex. Churches can’t be trusted because they dwell too heavily on the “abstinence” issue. Children must be taught how to properly conduct themselves sexually by the public schools of New York.

The only proper sex education for the public schools of America is “abstinence”. What would be so wrong teaching that a man and a woman should wait until they have selected their life-mate, gotten married and picked their perfect honeymoon spot before having sex? Abstinence protects a person 100 percent from of all STD’s, 100 percent from the possibility of underage pregnancy and 100 percent from the possibility of contracting HIV and AIDS from homosexual activity. If the public schools don’t care to teach abstinence they should not be teaching “proper” ways of using condoms with a 30 percent failure rate whether used correctly of not or various birth control methods that also include appreciable failure rates.

I suppose that no matter the circumstances New York will take the sexual ball and run with it into every possible sexual aspect: all “for the children” of course! It will only be a matter of months before the homosexual lobby sues to have public schools teaching “gender neutrality” and homosexual history. Too, I am certain that New York schools will keep these studies on the positive side: avoiding any mention of consequence, deviancy or the perfect protections afforded by abstaining from sex until marriage.


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