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Illegal Now Illegal In Alabama

By Mike Haran 
Oct. 14, 2011

Now that Alabama has made illegal, illegal will there be reverberations. What I am referring to is the law making it a crime to be in the state illegally. With the enactment of the Alabama law swaths of field workers have stayed away from work on the first day it was enacted. (Could not unemployed youth be forced to take these jobs? ) I can already hear the cries of complaint as the rich pay more for their vegetables, where the hiring of cheap domestic help is a thing of the past, where the trend spreads to the boycotting of the sweat shops of Asia.
So things will be more expensive. What we lose in the market we will gain ten fold in debt reduction. International crime will take a hit putting a dint in the terror groups operations and a subsequent reduction in troop deployment and law enforcement costs. An enforement of the immigration law will have a knock on effect allowing greater scope for the bringing in of legal immigrants to fill the empty positions.A boycott of overseas sweat shops will alllow local maunufutrures to compete thereby creating employment within the US.
The turning of a blind eye to slavery as well a being morally wrong, (and in a country like the US hypocrical), is counter productive allowiing the rise of a cirminal class which after satisfying the needs of the well off will eventually turn on them, making them slaves too.
Liberals by opposing law enforcement have put themselves in the position of being soft on slavery. It seems they are trying to pull the wool over every ones eyes by stirring up debate on such distant subjects as global warming, gays in the military ,green energy, confiscation of wealth,(not theirs of course, no one is complaining about Oprah), and the punitive taxation of CEO's who earn money stipulated by the shareholders. All a smoke screen in order to cover up a liberal policy of entitlement which has filtered down to the lower levels of society. Will the Alabama legislation demanding the Federal Government up hold its own laws soon be turned into a circus by the likes of Michael Moore and the stand up comics?
For too long the US has operated under a system of written laws and a complicit agreement to obey some and not others. When you have write ups in Time Magazine for instance detailing teen age drug use as a more or less aceepted part of life why have the laws in the first place. It only creates a criminal class which while illegal is not really illegal. Its as if the US is putting in place a type of Babylon agreed to by all who matter at the expense of the powerless. Will the two tier system of government eventually put such a strain upon the US as to cause its eventual collapse? 


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