Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to broadcast viewers SMS in Local TV Channel

Broadcasting Live SMS in Local TV channel (or) in Satellite tv channel will attracts viewers and it will increase channel TRB. but how to do this?. Usually Satellite tv channel software will included this interactive live sms service, but budget local channel play out software's won't have this feature inbuilt.

You can use separate softwares for broadcasting local tv viewers sms using the same computer which is used to broadcast tv show.

Let see what are the requirements to  broadcast sms in local channel

1. A unlocked USB modem
2. GSM Simcard
3. sms broadcasting software.

USB Modem (unlocked)

Multisim USB modem which will accept any GSM SIM Card (3G preferred). This will cost approximatly $20 to $25 (Rs.1200 to 1500 INR)


A 3G activated SIM card from any reputed service provider

SMS Broadcasting Software

 you can find few software to broad cast viewers sms by getting input from attached modem, e-mail, social network sites etc., example iWALL.

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