Sunday, July 20, 2014

Windows 8.1 Shortcut keys

here are a few useful hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) introduced in Windows 8 which can make your Windows 8.1 experience better. Some of them are given below:

Win key - Toggles between Start Screen and Windows Desktop
Win+X - Opens Quick Access Menu as mentioned in point 1
Win+PrntScr - Automatically saves screenshot in Pictures folder as mentioned in point 2
Win+C - Shows Charms Bar
Win+I - Shows Settings panel
Win+K - Launches Devices charm
Win+H - Launches Share charm
Win+Q - Launches Search charm
Win+W - Launches Settings search page
Win+F - Launches Files search page
Win+Tab - Shows Metro apps switcher as mentioned in point 4
Win+Z - Shows / hides App bar at Start Screen to show all apps
Win+Spacebar - Toggles between input languages and keyboard layout
Win+, - From Start Screen peeks at the Desktop
Win+Enter - Launches Narrator
Ctrl+F1 - Minimizes / maximizes ribbon in Windows Explorer
Ctrl+Tab – Launches All Apps list on Start Screen

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