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Well, Slow booting is one of the major problem that windows user face every now and then. It can take couple of minutes but sometimes it takes Forever to boot your PC. If you think, your PC is slow to start then this post is for you. By following below tweaks you will be able to Speedup your windows booting time..

Faster Booting Machine is the ultimate goal for many of us, Who don't want a computer that boots faster so that you can start doing your work straight away. With the below simple Tweaks and tricks you will yourself be able to decrease the time your system takes to start.

1. Check Hard disk
Over time, your hard drives gets degraded both physically and digitally. It’s important to monitor your drives health. An error or damaged sector can throw software loading into an infinite loop causing long load times. To check your drive health, So follow the below steps to check your HDD for errors

Click Start
Choose Computer
Right Click your Hard Drive
Choose Properties
Click Check Drives Health. After, the check up gives you repair options or a clean bill of health.
Restart to get a faster boot up.

2. Change BIOS Settings:
To Access the BIOS settings you need to hold DEL key when you start up your computer (or whatever key your BIOS tells you to enter setup),

Now Change the Boot first option to Hard disk(HDD) By default it will be HDD but if you have ever installed windows, then you might have changed it to CD or Removable disk. So go to BIOS settings and change it to HDD again.

What this will do is it will turn off the tests your computer runs when it first turns on, and the boot priority tweak will tell your computer not to look for CDs, thumb drives, or other media when it first starts, which will get you booted into your OS quicker.

3. Defrag your Hard disk:
If you are looking for something in a messy room, naturally, it’s going to take you longer to find something. This is a good Example and suits HDD too. Over time, filing system gets disorganized. Periodically, you need to reorganize this filing system on your hard drive. Luckily, Windows has a good utility called Defrag that will put your system in order.

Open the Start Menu
Click on My Computer
Right Click your C: drive.
Scroll down to the Click Properties
In the Properties Menus, Open the “Tools” menu.Choose Defragment.
In the Disk Deframenter menu. Click on Defragment
Now wait for some time untill it finishes this task and Organize your HDD. Reboot your Computer afterwards. Registries can also affect somewhat for slow booting time,
so better Download Registry Cleaner tools

4. Disable Startup Programs:
Many Installed Programs have permission to start when ever your computer starts, So Basically it takes time and slower downs your booting time. So all we need to do is Disable unwanted Programs from startup. To do so, Just follow the below steps.

Open your Start menu click Run, Type msconfig and click enter
Windows 8 Users can directly search for msconfig.
Now click on startup tab.
Uncheck all programs that your are no longer want to load when your PC boots.
Click OK to apply Changes

5. Disable Unwanted Hardware Drivers:
Another Effective tweak to boost your PC startup time. Whenever you Start your Computer it loads lots of Drivers that you might not even use. Bluetooth, Modem Etc are some of the examples.

So to Disable these unwanted drivers, Just open Device manager, to show up the list, Now go through the list and Right click on the one that you want to disable.. then Select Disable.

Remember that disable drivers of Hardwares that you do not use and you do not want to load on startup.

6. Upgrade your RAM:
If just in case after performing all the above tweaks still your Computer takes forever to boot, Then this will solve your issue, Upgrade your RAM, Increasing RAM is always an Effective Method to Speedup you Computer Booting time.

RAMs are Cheaper these days, And initiating them is super easy too. If you have 1 or 2 GB of RAM and you have loads of data in your HDD and Run Lot of heavy Programs then you need to Buy more RAM.

7. Install Solid State Drive(SSD):
Solid State Drives are getting popular these days. SSD is one of the Best Upgrade you Can make to Speedup not only your Booting time but also your Computer while you are working.

SSD have Super fast Read time Capacity which ultimately Speedups Your system. They are not available for Cheap but its a worth investment that you can make if you are not tight on Cash.

So these were some of the Effective Ways to Speedup your windows booting time. if you know any other Tweak that can possibly speedup booting time in windows the feel free to share it in comments below

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