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Without doubt, Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service all across the world today and maybe even of all time. Almost anyone who has Internet access has a functional email account, and more likely than not, an active Gmail account. Some of the features and services that Gmail and its integrated Google features offer are what make Gmail so widely accepted, used and loved. Moreover, it is as simple and user-friendly as an email service can get.

There are many security features that Google and Gmail offer its millions of users across the world, but when it comes to email security and malicious attachments, no amount of security is ever enough. Dangerous emails are a common source of malicious content and online scams, so here are some security tips for all Gmail users to keep in mind.

**Best Gmail Security Tips for Email Account Holders

Gmail Tip # 1 – Use 2-step verification

2-step verification is perhaps one of the best methods to stay safe against password loss and unauthorized access into your Gmail account. As per this method, a one-time password (OTP) is sent to your phone for verification so that you can access your account. Hence, the term ‘2-step’. It also involves something you know (your password) and something you own (your phone) to gain access. In order to setup 2-step verification for your account, simply visit this link.

Gmail Tip # 2 – Use HTTPS enabled security

Gmail always has HTTPS enabled by default, but it is advisable to check this from time to time. This is especially useful if you are accessing your Gmail account through a public network or a new and untrusted network. HTTPS is a security protocol that all online services provide to enable better security and tougher to crack access protocols. To check if HTTPS is enabled while you are signed in, look for the padlock symbol and the ‘https’ text in the address bar.

Gmail Tip # 3 – Use granted account access

Gmail provides the ability to grant access to an account to any other email address specified. If a hacker breaks into an account, this is something he will do to make logging into the account in the future a whole lot easier. You should regularly check that no accounts have been granted access without your permission. To do so, go to the gear in the top-right corner of your Gmail account once you sign in, click on ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Accounts and Import’ and then see the ‘Grant access to your account section‘ for details. Also ensure that you check the ‘Mark conversation as read when opened by others’ option.

Gmail Tip # 4 – Use account activity monitors

It is also possible for you to see when and where your Gmail has been accessed with ease. This ‘Activity Information Panel’ allows account holders to view many details with regards to their account access and report or take action if they notice something suspicious or out of the ordinary. To access this, sign into your account and look for the ‘Last account activity’ information at the bottom right corner when you scroll all the way down. Click on ‘Details’ in order to see a detailed list of account activity from where you can see access type (web browser or mobile), location (IP address) and the date/time details.

Gmail Tip # 5 – Use effective antispam services

When it comes to securing your PC and staying safeguarded against malicious emails, phishing links and other email scams, an effective email security suite and antispam engine is crucial. Quick Heal Internet Security provides advanced cloud-based email security that actively stops spam, phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox. Moreover, other features keep your PC safe and secure even if other malicious threats enter your system. For complete email protection, trust only Quick Heal.

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