Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Fortunately there are many ways to reuse an old computer. I wanted to share here on our post. You'll know to choose which of the following 6 options is best suited to your old PC.

**Things to do with Old Computer

1. Media Center

One of the major uses for computers has given is definitely all about multimedia. Typically many of the old computers used to play audio and video, so why not use it as a home audio system or adapt the style of a jukebox musical. You can also take care to connect your PC to the computer to function as a video and film center

2. File Downloader

If you're fans to download files from the Internet, you can use your old computer as a special download center. Take care of removing all unnecessary hardware and essentially left alone to connect to the network and downloading always be what you want.

3. Install a web server, or print files home:

To do this it is best to look for ways to keep your computer always on, since the idea of ??a server that can be accessed at any time from different computers on the network. Then you just need to connect the printer, share it and voila, you have your own print server.
You do the same with the files and you have your own file server.For a web server will need to install a package like XAMPP or AppServ includes everything you need to get to ride your web projects.

4.Test Equipment for Hardware and Software:

If you like tinkering and playing with computers, take advantage to test and learn without fear of making mistakes, because as your old PC does not have much to lose. You can install programs from you want to implement advanced techniques of modding and overclocking.

5. Children's Learning Center:

If you have children it is best that from childhood you guide in the proper use of computers, teaching you need so you can very well use this excellent tool. In this case you can try installing a Linux distribution for children that will make things easier at the time to educate them at a computer.

6. Gaming computer:

Obviously you can not enjoy the latest games on the market, but you can relive the golden ages of gaming by installing one of the many emulators consoles that can be found on the Internet.

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